Culture and history


The relationship between the Haut-Doubs land and its inhabitants is essential. This close link has shaped typical mid-mountain villages where life is good and where Comtoise farmhouses, with their huge sloping roofs, are considered to be part of tradition as much as the local crafts. Culture goes hand in hand with nature: this is perfectly illustrated in a region like this one! This authentic natural territory has unsuspected heritage treasures to be discovered without further ado.
The Château de Joux, which has stood the test of time with its thousand-year-old history, is a life lesson in itself: perched on a rocky spur, it seems to tower over anyone who seems to get closer to all the stories and legends it is holding. The Montbenoît abbey – some parts of which date back to the XIIth century – is also a treasure trove of religious architecture, let us say for good reason: it is quite simply the best preserved medieval religious site in the whole of the Doubs department, so it is well worth a visit!

The Haut-Doubs is a land with an interesting geographical location: it is situated close to Switzerland and is naturally linked to this country by the Jura Mountains. Despite customs posts marking the border, it is therefore quite natural that these two territories have developed close ties along with a common history. The watchmaking industry, the absinthe factory as well as numerous culinary specialities bring the Haut-Doubs closer to Switzerland. During the Second World War, it was also a stronghold of the French resistance: smugglers used then paths in the middle of the forest to accompany people fleeing to Switzerland in the free zone. Starting at Les Fourgs, follow the Sentier des Bornes (border stone trail): witness of the strong historical and human link between this region of Franche-Comté and Switzerland, it will take you through beautiful mountain landscapes!

Mountain villages, Comtoise farms, religious or medieval buildings as well as many varied museums all over the Haut-Doubs are a proud showcase of this authentic land which is full of historical heritage.